Daily Archives: 11/08/2005

Akasaka Last Night

Just thought I’d link to this nice set of pictures by Jim Grisanzio, including shot of Akasaka glittering on a Sunday night. Not bad. He was staying at the New Otani, a very nice hotel in Tokyo. I stayed there myself a couple years ago. Nice to see the glimmering lights of the big city.

Akasaka at night, photo by Jim Grisanzio

John Fowles Dies At Age 79

John FowlesAuthor John Fowles, best known for his Victorian romance story The French Lieutenant’s Woman, died Saturday at age 79. He had been unwell for several years following a stroke and lived in near seclusion in his home in Dorset.

I read The French Lieutenant’s Woman years ago and I thought it was okay, but I was really thrown for a loop by his cult classic, The Magus. That book messed with my head, and at the time I was not particularly fond of it. Quite a tale of psychological manipulation and all sorts of unpleasantness. Looking back though, I think it was one of the better books I read that year. After all, not everything needs to be spoon fed pablum, some books are meant to be challenging. So farewell John Fowles, I enjoyed your work.