Daily Archives: 11/14/2005

For The Record

For The Record
The papal nuncio, John Burchard, writes calmly
that dozens of mares and stallions
were driven into a courtyard of the Vatican
so the Pope Alexander VI and this daughter,
Lucretia Borgia, could watch from a balcony
“with pleasure and much laughter”
the equine coupling going on below.
When this spectacle was over
they refreshed themselves, then waited
while Lucretia’s brother, Caesar,
shot down ten unarmed criminals
who were herded into the same courtyard.
Remember this the next time you see
the name Borgia, or the word Renaissance.
I don’t know what I can make of this,
this morning. I’ll leave it for now.
Go for that walk I planned earlier, hope maybe
to see those two herons sift down the cliffside
as they did for us earlier in the season
so we felt alone and freshly
put here, not herded, not

-Raymond Carver

New evidence suggests Micronesia settled at least 5,000 years ago

Here’s a little story that I haven’t heard anything about in the local media. Archaeologists taking sediment cores in Saipan’s Susupe Lake have found definitive evidence of human habitation in the Northern Marianas from 1800 BC, 3800 years ago. But they also uncovered possible evidence of human induced climate changes from 5,000 years ago, the earliest evidence of human habitation in Micronesia. The discovery predates the earliest site on Saipan by 1,000 years.