Daily Archives: 11/26/2005

Random Neurons

Well, I’m heading home and I don’t think I’ll come into the office tomorrow. In fact, I’m pretty sure I won’t do anything tomorrow but read a book or two and relax. Oh yeah, and sleep late. Maybe post a couple things to the old weblog, take a walk along the beach in the afternoon. Decompress.

I might even make a move or two on It’s Your Turn. I was a bit overwhelmed for a while; I joined too many tournaments at once and suddenly I was faced with over a hundred moves a day. It went from being a pleasant past time to an onerous death march through an unending litany of games every day. I broke down and started forfeiting games, something I am usually loathe to do.

Right now however, I am smarting after my brother laid down ‘havior‘ on a triple word (and double letter) score, leaving me in his dust – again. At least I can take solace in the fact that more famous men than he have strained credulity with their Scrabble words. Havior – a perfectly cromulent word if there ever was one.

Online Map Creation

That post about the volcano in the South Sandwich Isles sparked off a little link exploration that led me to these two very cool resources for online map creation. Yes, you can create maps online in a web browser and save them to your hard drive.

  • Online Map Creation – This website provides a web form interface for the Generic Mapping Tools collection, an open source mapping package. It makes cool maps, which can be downloaded as a web graphic or a PostScript file, but the interface could be a bit off-putting to the casual user.
  • planiglobe – this upgraded site seems to work a little faster, and it has a user friendly interface. Again the output can be either a web friendly graphic or a high resolution PostScript file.

Let’s just say both sites offer me hours of web-surfin’, time-wastin’ fun. This map of my home island was created using the planiglobe website. I just outputted the map as a PNG file and stuck it up here.
Guam - map by planiglobe.com under a creative commons license

Antarctic Volcano

An island near Antarctica is growing in size thanks to a fast moving river of lava erupting from a volcano beneath an ice sheets.

Montagu Island, situated in the South Sandwich Islands, is deep in the South Atlantic, near South Georgia Island, normally ice covered, the island now features a blazing river of molten lava 90 meters across. The volcanic activity has increased the size of the island by 50 acres.

Check out this amazing satellite photo of the island, emblazoned with a ribbon of red lava flowing down to the sea.

Montagu Island