Random Neurons

Well, I’m heading home and I don’t think I’ll come into the office tomorrow. In fact, I’m pretty sure I won’t do anything tomorrow but read a book or two and relax. Oh yeah, and sleep late. Maybe post a couple things to the old weblog, take a walk along the beach in the afternoon. Decompress.

I might even make a move or two on It’s Your Turn. I was a bit overwhelmed for a while; I joined too many tournaments at once and suddenly I was faced with over a hundred moves a day. It went from being a pleasant past time to an onerous death march through an unending litany of games every day. I broke down and started forfeiting games, something I am usually loathe to do.

Right now however, I am smarting after my brother laid down ‘havior‘ on a triple word (and double letter) score, leaving me in his dust – again. At least I can take solace in the fact that more famous men than he have strained credulity with their Scrabble words. Havior – a perfectly cromulent word if there ever was one.