Daily Archives: 12/02/2005

Max Havoc Premieres On Island TV Station

Well, the long wait is over. Guam will finally see the wonders of their $800,000 movie. Max Havoc will premiere on KTGM-14, the local ABC affiliate, at 7:00 pm on December 10. I can’t wait for people’s reaction to this movie. As should be readily apparent to most folks by now, the movie sucks. I can say this with authority, I’ve watch the movie and it sucks. It is both awful and tedious at the same time; it has an incomprehensible plot, bad acting, very little action, and endless panoramic shots of the beach. Actors appear and disappear, particularly the heavies. I know extensive portions of the movie were reshot in LA; it looks like they couldn’t get the same actors or something. So some bald ninja guy scowls his way through all the interior shots, and some completely different guy does all the skulking about in Tumon Bay and around the Outrigger. All in all, it looks like what you’d expect for an $800,000 movie.