Daily Archives: 12/09/2005

Buenas and Hafa Adai

Sorry for the weeklong absence, I was literally overwhelmed with work. This last week saw the culmination of many late nights, weekends and holidays spent at the office; three nights of crashing in my cube at the office, eating take out food and drinking too much Diet Coke, and way too much time banging away on Sybase ASE, SQL Server, shell scripts, batch jobs, stored procedures and Crystal Reports. But everything went off without a hitch, and I can breathe easy again. It is a major monkey off my back, and now I need some serious stress relief. I could use a week or two in Bali decompressing and restoring some calm into my life.

But that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Other project loom on the horizon and new challenges crop up all the time. At least things will be quiet through the holiday season – or I hope they will be quiet for a couple weeks. One thing I am looking forward too is the resumption of regular blogging. I’ve got a passel of things to talk about, high and low brow, from science to the supernatural, from Guam to deep space. So pretty much business and usual I guess.

Glad to be back.