Daily Archives: 12/10/2005

Doctor Who – The Second Key

Okay, I am a little behind the cutting edge bloggers out there with my link to this, but I’ve been busy. And this is so very cool; in a geeky way. Doctor Who – The Second Key is a complete Doctor Who adventure told in comic book strips using action figures. Very cool, very obsessive geek who took the time to put this all together and photograph it. Hats off to you sir.

Pelican Rocks

Can’t remember if I mentioned it before, but Pelican really rocks. Sort of reminds me of Smashing Pumpkins, but without Billy Corgan’s vocals.

Guam From 1969

I suggest trolling through Google’s video archive sometime; it’s chock full of interesting stuff. On a lark last week, I plugged in a search for Guam and it returned a few videos. This one was particularly interesting, and the best of the bunch. It is about 30 minutes of Super 8 movie footage taken on Guam in 1969 and apparently forgotten in an attic box for the next couple decades. It features a young married couple, a Navy man and his Australian wife, living near the Bayview Baptist Church in East Agaña, next to the Seaman’s Service Center. That’s where those long steps between the funeral home and Island Tinting, climbing up from Marine Drive, lead. Here’s the written commentary behind the movie, written by the couple’s daughter. If you turn your volume way up, you can here a spoken commentary by her mother, who filmed these scenes in 1969. She gets some of the places mixed up after 36 years, but it is a fascinating film. It looks essentially the same in 2005, same weather, same ocean, same flora exploding in riotous color all over. But the buildings are certainly different. At about 14 minutes there is a long panorama shot of Tumon Bay, taken from Oka Point, and there is nary a hotel to be seen along the entire arc of the beach. Other highlights include a drive through Agaña, along Camp Watkins Road, and scenes from Umatac and Malesso. It is well worth taking a half hour to watch this video.