Daily Archives: 12/14/2005

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I’m pretty jazzed to watch Terrence Malick’s next movie, The New World. I’m not crazy about Colin Farrell, but I think Malick can handle the collision of two worlds adeptly. The opening scenes of The Thin Red Line juxtaposed a vision of Rousseau’s noble savage set against the smoke, steel and guns of World War II, and while the imagery was a bit ponderous, it was a poignant comparison with beautiful cinematography. The trailer for The New World suggests a similar attention to visual beauty. The myth of the native babe is fertile territory to mine. It is a meme that has continued from Pocahontas through Sacagawea and Coming of Age in Samoa to National Geographic’s decades-long fixation with naked brown girls around the world. I hope Malick can tell the story of Pocahontas and John Smith with a bit of authenticity and respect.

One thing worries me however, will this movie even play on Guam? Here’s a partial list of major movies released this fall that never made it to Guam:

I’m walking around with almost two dozen free movie tickets, and I can’t find a movie worth watching. I would have gone to see any of these movies, but none played on Guam. Instead we get Just Friends and Yours, Mine & Ours on two screens apiece and two solid months of Chicken Little. And this isn’t a recent phenomenon: Schindler’s List never played on Guam, and the theater owner famously said he wouldn’t show it because people on Guam couldn’t understand the plight of the Jews in World War II. I understand it is all economics and theater owners show what draws in the crowds, but it still sucks.

And while I am pretty sure it will never play commercially on Guam, the Fijian film The Land Has Eyes looks very promising. A friend saw it last month in Auckland, and he couldn’t praise it enough, so I hope The Land Has Eyes comes to Guam via some film festival or class at UOG.