Daily Archives: 12/16/2005

Movie Night: Aeon Flux

I made it a movie night last night and stopped off at the Guam Megaplex to watch a movie on my way home. I ended up watching Aeon Flux, an action movie based on a series of
bizarrely fascinating cartoons that played on MTV about a decade ago. Despite the warnings of some friends and the critics out there on the internet, Aeon Flux did not suck. It wasn’t great, but it certainly wasn’t Max Havoc. (Speaking of which, there is a review of Max Havoc in the PDN today that skewers that waste of Guam’s money).

The Aeon Flux cartoons first appeared on MTV’s Liquid Television program of cartoon shorts, which was also the genesis for Beavis and Butthead. The original cartoons were awash in the old ultraviolence, rendered in a futuristic cityscape where the scantily clad Aeon killed scores of soldiers before inevitably falling victim to some minor error on her part. Sort of an hyper-erotic Spy vs. Spy, full of weird sexual innuendo and freaky plot lines.

I felt that the movie version of Aeon Flux was a perfectly adequate, mindless PG-13 action flick. The strongest feeling the movie aroused in me was regret; this could have been a mind blowingly weird and erotic R rated action flick if the producers had stayed true to the cartoon’s original vision. It cried out for more, but then that would have cut into the valuable under 17 market that the movie was targeting. Too bad, I have to chalk it up as “it coulda been a contender” category of near miss action movies.