Daily Archives: 12/17/2005

Saturday Night Linkfest

It’s a wild weekend night here high above Ylig Bay. Let me throw down a bunch of cool links:

And just because I can, here’s another photo that I took tonight.

That’s just tasty. I like that photo.

Movie Double Feature

So my recent bitch session about the lack of movies on Guam set me off on a movie watching jag. Since Thursday night I watched Aeon Flux, Walk the Line and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. A veritable movie marathon. Since I’ve already discussed Aeon Flux, let me restrict my comments here to Walk the Line and Harry Potter.

  • Walk the Line – I watched this Johnny Cash biopic on Thursday night since I was certain that was the last night it would play on Guam. I was right, and I was glad that I caught this picture. Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon do a bang up job as Johnny Cash and June Carter, and the movie documents there rocky courtship and romance with a great deal of respect. I enjoyed this picture immensely, and what really impressed me was the singing. Phoenix and Witherspoon sang all their own songs, and did an excellent job. They both got a set of pipes on ’em, and kudos for not relying on overdubbing to mask their voices. My one complaint is that Phoenix’s default acting style can be described as ‘simpering ass,’ and he drifts into this mode several times during the movie. I’m sorry, nothing about Johnny Cash can be described as simpering. Otherwise, the picture was rock solid and very enjoyable.
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – Much like the Potter series of books, the movie adaptations keep getting better and better. The action is better, the tone is darker and the world of Hogwarts keep getting more complex. It’s been several years since I read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but the movie seemed to follow all the major plot points very well. All the kids are getting older, and those teenage hormones are throbbing. Harry confronts his greatest challenge yet, and it isn’t dragons or mermen of even Voldemort; it’s the tribulations of dating and asking somebody to the big dance. And the climax was quite scary, as You-Know-Who was resurrected from the dead to confront Harry. I’m looking forward to watching then next couple movies, as the books keep getting darker and darker.

What’s next? Probably King Kong or The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. But those will have to wait until my free Supersaver movie pass tickets can be used, which isn’t until next week.

Art A Day: Day 5

I notice that I keep slapping up portraiture on my little art marathon. Hmmm, I never realized I was so partial to portraits.

American Gothic by American artist Grant Wood. This painting of his dentist and the artist’s sister as a farmer and his daughter in front of a farmhouse celebrated the culture of the American Midwest with the artistic traditions of the Northern Renaissance.

Lot’s of stuff about Grant Wood and American Regionalism can be found here.

Sound Hypnosis

West Indian Girl publicity stillI heard this great live session on WorldCafe a few months ago featuring David Dye chatting with the members of West Indian Girl and I knew right away I needed to get my hands on that album. Thankfully iTunes was happy to oblige and I had West Indian Girl’s album on my hard drive and burnt to a disk in no time flat.

Check out some videos and music at West Indian Girl’s website, where they also keep fans updated with a blog about their shows.

Chased By The Light

I remember when this photographic essay was published in National Geographic, it was really cool back then, and it is just as cool now. The Photography of Jim Brandenburg website has the entire series, Chased By The Light, 90 photos taken between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice in the backwoods of northern Minnesota. Brandenburg limited himself to taking only one photo everyday. Instead of firing off rolls of film and picking the best results, he had to make that one photograph count. The results are spectacular.

The website is flash based, but I can hotlink directly to the gallery. Or navigate from the home page, select ‘Gallery’ and then ‘Chased By The Light’ from the sub-menu. And prepare to be dazzled by the march from fall into the icy depths of winter in the Boundary Waters Wilderness.