Daily Archives: 12/18/2005

Linkfest Redux

I’ve got a couple points to follow up on last night’s linkfest:

  1. Okay, I was probably a little harsh on Library Thing, and your challenge got me interested in another go round. So I will take Library Thing out for another, extended test drive and compare it to Bookpedia. While I certainly found Reader2 inadequate to what I wanted ‘other book cataloging software’ to do, I will give Library Thing an in-depth kicking of the tires and see what all it can do. I’ll go ahead and do one of those Coke vs. Pepsi side by side comparisons and report back my reviews.

    And I think that book pile contest you ran is pretty cool. I think my book pile would’ve won hands down. I’ve basically surrendered my futon over to my books, boxes of older books, and a friend’s boxes of his books. I now sleep on my sofa, next to a second and ever-growing pile of books. And that doesn’t even touch the pile of library books on my kitchen table table right now either.

  2. In other linkfest related news, it seems Jimmy Carter isn’t the only one worried about the direction the United States is heading. Harold Bloom is depressed by the whole situation too. And with good reason. Did anybody else noticed that the NY Times ran a story on Friday about how Bush introduced a secret directive that allows the NSA to spy on any American citizen, without showing cause, without issuing a warrant and without ever revealing themselves? Never mind the Constitution, it’s just a goddamned piece of paper. Our government doesn’t need to follow that silly old thing anymore. But the real doozie in the Times story? They sat on this story for over a year at the White House’s behest. Fourth estate my ass. Bloom is right when he mentions D.H. Lawrence’s saying that Americans don’t deserver Walt Whitman. “More than ever, they are not, since the Jacksonian democracy that both Whitman and Melville celebrated is dying in our Evening Land.”

Art A Day: Day 6

Okay, no portraits today. Let’s go for something darker:
Gardern of Earthly Delights, Hell, Right Panel Tritych
This crummy picture doesn’t really do justice to the creepy horrors contained in Bosch’s vision of Hell. This painting is the right panel of a triptych, or altarpiece. The left panel is paradise and the main center panel is the Garden of Earthly Delights. Bosch had a tendency to cram his images with lots of little characters, stories and demons. Look for them in this piece.