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Truer Meanings

Let me take a moment to remind folks that most of the world is still poor and hungry on this day. From the homeless boys in Africa’s markets to the children in Brazil’s favelas, far too many boys and girls go hungry and live a life of want and destitution. Do something; anything, no matter how little helps ease the suffering of the poor. And wasn’t that the message of the Christ child, born into penury amidst a stable and forced into exile as a babe?

Boris Pasternak

A wonderful little site featuring the poetry of Boris Pasternak, author of one of my favorite novels, Doctor Zhivago. Pasternak was first and foremost a poet, and he was very popular in his lifetime. He based Zhivago on his own life, antipathy to Bolshevism and his extramarital affair with Olga Ivinskaya, the prototype for Zhivago’s doomed lover Lara.

“Your Picture”
It’s with your laughing picture that I’m living now,
You whose wrists are so slender and crackle at the joints,
You who wring your hands yet are unwilling to go,
You whose guests stay for hours sharing sadness and joys.

You who’ll run from the cards and Rakoczy bravura,
From the glass of the drawing-room and from the guests
To the keyboard on fire, unable to endure
Bones and roses and dice and rosettes and the rest.

You will fluff up your hair, and a reckless tea-rose,
Smelling of cigarettes, pin to your bright-red sash,
And then waltz to your glory, your sadness and woes
Tossing off like a scarf, beaming, breathless and flushed.

You will crumple the skin of an orange and swallow
Cooling morsels again and again in your haste
To return to the hall, to the whirling and mellow
Lights, and air with the sweet sweat of fresh waltzes laced.

Defying steam and scorching breath
The way a whirlwind dies,
The way a murid faces death
With wide unflinching eyes.

Know all: not mountains’ noise and hush,
And not a purebred steed-
The reckless roses in your sash
Are riding at full speed.

No, not the clatter of the hoofs
And not the mountains’ hush,
But only she who stands aloof
With flowers in her sash.

And only that is really It
What makes our ears ring,
And what the whirlwind-chasing feet,
Soul, tulle and silk sash bring.

Until sides split the jokes are cracked,
We’re rolling in the aisles,
The envy of the romping sacks-
Until somebody cries.

Merry Christmas

A very merry Christmas to everyone…

I hope all are safe and sound this holiday, and that next year will be a fruitful and pleasant one.
Photo by Lee Shannon Rhoades

In Japanese culture, snow in the garden is considered to be a ‘flower.’ The elegant way snow accumulates on bare branches and garden accessories is a viewing pleasure, and in fact, certain elements—such as the yukimi or ‘snow-viewing lantern’—are specifically designed to be appreciated in the snow.