Daily Archives: 12/27/2005

Tsunami: One Year After

One year after the great wave of the Asian tsunami washed over the Indian Ocean, people paused to remember the hundreds of thousands lost on that fateful day.

2005 was a year of struggle for many of the survivors, picking up the pieces of shattered lives and homes. Much has been accomplished in 12 months, but more help is still needed. I urge readers to donate to the Mercy Corps, they are an excellent relief organization that makes a difference in the lives of those affected by war, natural disaster or famine. Through their help, and that of other aid agencies, famine and disease were averted for the hundreds of thousands of survivors, and the rebuilding process spurred into action.

Please help.


This looks pretty cool, it’s a personalized streaming music service called Pandora. There’s even a Dashboard Widget for it. Too bad it won’t play more than 5 seconds of music before stalling and rebuffering. I’ll try again sometime soon, hopefully my bandwidth will increase…