Daily Archives: 12/29/2005

Testing Ecto

I’m giving Ecto a whirl here, maybe it will spur me to start using WordPress more often and clear up some browser tab clutter.

Hello Ecto

So, I am trying something of an experiment here. Over three years after I started blogging, I am trying out a blog editor instead of using my browser. I’m giving Ecto a whirl for a few days, I’ll report on how it goes. I’m gonna give MarsEdit a shake down as well. So far, I am intrigued…

Green Building Links

As part of my “MetaEfficient”:http://www.gotoreviews.com/archives/metaefficient/ fascination, here’s a fairly comprehensive rundown of green building methods from “Squidoo”:http://www.squidoo.com/buildinggreen/.

Napping Is Good

Saw this little article on the wonder of ‘power naps‘ to revitalize and refresh during the day. Got me to thinking about polyphasic sleeping, supposedly the way Leonardo da Vinci slept. Of course Kramer tried this in a Seinfeld episode with disastrous results.

Ah Seinfeld. I forgot to wish everyone a happy Festivus last week. I certainly had a particularly good Festivus last Friday. It was a Festivus miracle, that’s for sure.