Daily Archives: 12/30/2005

More On Taum Sauk And Johnson’s Shut Ins

Damage from Taum Sauk Upper ReservoirShelley Powers over at Burningbird has several stories about the aftermath of the Taum Sauk Hydroelectric Plant’s dam burst and subsequent flooding of Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park, along with plenty of photos she took on her trip down to Lesterville. She even provides some links to additional sources. Looks like it’s going to be a long time before the Shut-Ins recover from this flood.


Via the wonderful weblog Cosmic Variance, here is a good article on former President Clinton’s reading habits.

When we asked him what he was reading, he sighed and mentioned a book on the economic wars of the future, author and title unknown to me.

“Better to read ‘Don Quixote,’” I said to him. “Everything’s in there.” Now, the ‘Quixote’ is a book that is not read nearly as much as is claimed, although very few will admit to not having read it. With two or three quotes, Clinton showed that he knew it very well indeed. Responding, he asked us what our favorite books were. Styron said his was “Huckleberry Finn.”

I would have said “Oedipus Rex,” which has been my bed table book for the last 20 years, but I named “The Count of Monte Cristo,” mainly for reasons of technique, which I had some trouble explaining.

Clinton said his was the “Meditations of Marcus Aurelius,” and Carlos Fuentes stuck loyally to “Absalom, Absalom,” Faulkner’s stellar novel, no question, although others would choose “Light in August” for purely personal reasons. Clinton, in homage to Faulkner, got to his feet and, pacing around the table, recited from memory Benji’s monologue, the most thrilling passage, and perhaps the most hermetic, from “The Sound and the Fury.”

The bit I just love though is the link to a ridiculous Onion story about the erudition and literary tastes of our current president. That’s just too damn funny.

Performancing for Firefox

While I am still giving Ecto a whirl on my iBook, I stumbled across Performancing for Firefox this morning. It’s pretty cool. I’ve been using Camino as my browser for a while now, but all these really cool Firefox plugins are making it hard for me to completely give up on Firefox just yet. And of course Safari is a damn nice browser too – strange position to be in on a Macintosh, a surfeit of fine software available for use.

Lost Mail Update

The PDN ran a story this morning on the mail that was lost over Majuro last week. The USPS here on Guam says that 23 packages or letters bound for Guam were lost in the lagoon after tumbling out the rear cargo door of the 727 hauling the mail.

I’ve been worried about some checks that I wrote, but based on this information it sounds like only mail bound for Guam was lost, not stuff heading the other way. Of course I’m expecting a couple hard drives I won on eBay earlier this month and I’d be pretty pissed if either of those ended up taking a deep drink of seawater.