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Well I sure felt that earthquake. It was a rumbler, long and deep with a couple sharp jerks. There’s this moment during an earthquake, when I am never quite sure if that’s all there is or if it’s going to get worse – much worse – very quickly. Luckily it passed quickly this evening. Magnitude 5.8 – I thought it might be about a 6.0 but I was wrong.

Feral Cheryl

This is just too cute, a hippie Barbie doll. They even have hippie chick tattoos on their little plastic bodies:

Feral Cheryl

Here she is, the anti-Barbie, fresh from the rainforests of Northern New South Wales, Australia.

This 34 cm vinyl doll runs barefoot, dreadlocks her hair with coloured braids and beads, wears simple rainbow clothes, has piercings and a range of tattoos, and even a bit of natural body hair.

Feral Cheryl is modelled on the green extremists, known as ‘ferals’ from Australia. (For more on the background to Feral Cheryl, see ‘behind the scenes’).

In contrast to the ‘fashion doll’ mentality, Feral Cheryl does not have an extensive wardrobe, or high heels, or swimsuit, or gym gear, or wedding dress or cheerleader outfit. She needs no sports car or hairdressing salon, no disco stage or shopping mall.

Her motto is “Live Simply, Run Wild”. Her only accessories: a bag of home grown herbs*, a sense of humour and a social conscience.
Each Feral Cheryl doll is individually crafted with a variety of coloured beads, bindis and a range of tattoos, so there are no two exactly the same.

*the doll comes with a small stash of dried basil.

So instead of a Malibu dream house and convertible, does this doll have accessories like a VW camper bus or a big Graphix bong?