Software Theft Protection

Orbicule Software has come out with an intriguing piece of software for the Macintosh. Undercover is theft recovery software that tracks the location and habits of your laptop after thieves have absconded with the precious hardware. It takes screenshots of whatever the thief is doing and sends them, aong with the computer’s IP address, to you and law enforcement authorities, hopefully facilitating recovery of the laptop.

Even better is “Plan B” – after the recover efforts fail, Undercover simulates a hardware failure, prompting the thief to take the machine to an Apple dealer for repair. When the machine is plugged into the Apple dealer’s store, it alerts the store personnel that it is a stolen machine and that it needs to be returned to the rightful owner immediately to become usable again. It will even start shouting this message, demanding its return to all within earshot. How ridiculously cool is that?