Debbie’s Good Idea

In 1984, the author Ellen Pall rekindled a friendship with her mother’s youthful roommate. In an uncanny coincidence, Pall’s apartment in Greenwich Village in the 80’s was the exact building her mother and Debbie Sankey live in during the 1930’s. This proved the starting point for a long and fruitful friendship.

From this friendship has sprung a very good idea for introducing readers to the work of unfamiliar authors. Far too often a reader will attempt to read a more inscrutable work of a particular author, perhaps spoiling the enjoyment of that book and any turning the reader off any future readings of other works by that author. Why not create some sort of shared resource where readers can recommend good books to people interested in an author’s work?

Debbie’s Idea is just such a resource. Debbie Sankey died in 2004, but this website will serve as a testimony to their friendship, and her very good idea. It is a sort of literary wikipedia, a reference for the curious reader. It’s a little barren right now, so make an effort to add a few notes and fill in the website. It is a damn good idea.