Daily Archives: 02/06/2006

Big City Coyote

Here’s an interesting little tidbit: There are coyotes living in most metropolitan areas. Not just wandering around in the parks and suburbs, but actually living in highly developed urban areas like within the Chicago Loop. In fact, coyotes are all over the Chicagoland area, skulking behind warehouses and culverts, keeping the rats and whitetail deer in check.

Updike On American Art

I nearly forgot to talk about this interesting piece on NPR a couple months ago about John Updike and his new book of essays on American Art, Still Looking. Someone asked me a couple months ago what I thought of Edward Hopper, and I put up a brief mention of Nighthawks being on display at the Art Institute. I was reminded about Hopper last week when I retreated to the RFK Library at UOG during a scheduled power outage in Yoña. I spent the day flipping through some books on Hopper and Japanese prints, going over Hopper’s entire body of work and then I remembered this piece on Eye Level from December featuring Hopper’s painting, People in the Sun:

People in the Sun, 1960, Edward HopperUpdike stresses that he is an amateur art enthusiast, but his love for art is obvious throughout the interview on NPR. He’s a great writer and he expresses himself marvelously in the short piece I heard. While I haven’t read Still Looking or Just Looking, they have jumped to the top of my Amazon Wish List of must reads in the near future.

Travel Footprints

So I was reading all this great stuff about eco-tourism the other day, and all I could think about was how bad airline travel is for the environment. Yes, jetting around the planet puts lots of carbon into the atmosphere, and at altitudes were it does more damage than down on the surface. Bummer. Living on an island, jet travel is really the only viable way of getting anywhere. Guess next time I travel I need to be conscientious and do something about offsetting my enormous carbon footprint.