Updike On American Art

I nearly forgot to talk about this interesting piece on NPR a couple months ago about John Updike and his new book of essays on American Art, Still Looking. Someone asked me a couple months ago what I thought of Edward Hopper, and I put up a brief mention of Nighthawks being on display at the Art Institute. I was reminded about Hopper last week when I retreated to the RFK Library at UOG during a scheduled power outage in Yoña. I spent the day flipping through some books on Hopper and Japanese prints, going over Hopper’s entire body of work and then I remembered this piece on Eye Level from December featuring Hopper’s painting, People in the Sun:

People in the Sun, 1960, Edward HopperUpdike stresses that he is an amateur art enthusiast, but his love for art is obvious throughout the interview on NPR. He’s a great writer and he expresses himself marvelously in the short piece I heard. While I haven’t read Still Looking or Just Looking, they have jumped to the top of my Amazon Wish List of must reads in the near future.

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