Daily Archives: 02/09/2006

More Godlessness

If anybody’s interested, Salon has a good interview with Daniel Dennett, the author and philosopher I mentioned last week. Got my brain stirring, and then I found this post about is secularism failing in the modern world. It certainly seems like it lately, but then take a look at the big picture. Overall people are more secularized today than they were a century ago. Strides are being made, but if anything this recent temper tantrum by the Muslim faithful has made it painfully clear that religion is a childish holdover from our species’ youth.

This made me take a little trip over to the Council for Secular Humanism and troll through their back issues of Free Inquiry. There I came across an article by Richard Dawkins at Secular Humanism, What Use Is Religion? another look at why religion is a worldwide constant of human populations. He has some interesting ideas about how and why religion developed around the world.

For those interested in something else in the same vein, try reading Greg Egan’s short story, Oceanic, which is available on his website. Egan writes some pretty intense ‘hard science’ fiction, but this tale is not one steeped in string theory. It deals with all these issues in a nice little tale, and it’s well worth a read. Oh and check out all his cool Java applets, there an extra special treat.