Archaeologists discovered and opened a new tomb in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings this week. Inside were 5 wooden sarcophagi containing mummies.

This is the first tomb discovered and opened in the Valley of the Kings since Howard Carter opened King Tut’s tomb in 1922, which coincidentally lies only 16 feet away from this new tomb.

The mummies are not thought to be royal, however burial in the Valley was a high honor bestowed on few not of royal birth. The tomb is dated to the 18th Dynasty, from 1567 BC to 1320 BC. This was the dynasty of that included Tutankhamun, along with his notorious forbearer, Akhenaten.

Speaking of King Tut, I really want to see the exhibit that’s traveling around the US right now. It’s in Fort Lauderdale right now, but it will be at the Field Museum from May through the end of the year. I’ll try and catch it there…