Daily Archives: 02/13/2006

Light Pollution

Living out here on verge of the deep blue sea, I’ve become attuned to light pollution. On one side of my home, the neighborhood is bathed in the garish yellow glow of sodium streetlights and store signs; on the other deep blackness hovers over the open ocean. I much prefer the dark side of the house. On the all too frequent power outages, I enjoy sitting outside basking in the glory of countless stars blazing in the night sky. The difference is startling. Our species must still be in its childhood for we are definitely afraid of the dark.

Hmm, why am I sitting inside when I could be out there gazing at the moon right now?

Lost Minutes Regained

A long lost 17th century manuscript was found in a cupboard of an English home. It contains, in cramped handwriting, the minutes of the Royal Society from 1661 to 1682, written by Robert Hooke. Hooke is probably best remembered for his detailed drawings of microscopic organisms and for coining the word “cell.” The notes also confirm his role in developing the modern mechanical watch, along with numerous other experiments the Society investigated during the heady years of the Restoration.

The minutes are valued at over million in a private auction. The Royal Society is appealing for a benefactor to appear and purchase the manuscript for them. If that happens, the long lost minutes will complete the society’s archives dating back to its inception in 1660.

This is a simply astounding find, which I find especially interesting after reading Quicksilver last year. That reminds me, I got to read the other two novels of the Baroque Cycle soon.