Daily Archives: 02/14/2006

Tokelau Votes

Tokelau, a tiny cluster of islands located 300 miles north of Samoa, are voting to determine their future self government. The three tiny atolls are currently governed by New Zealand, and no matter what their decision on self determination, Tokelau will remain in close association with the Kiwis. The voting will conclude on Saturday.

If Tokelau decides on independence, it will become one of the world’s smallest nations with only 4.7 square miles of land and 1,500 citizens.

Makes me wonder if Guam will ever vote on its self determination. The Commission on Self Determination has really dropped the ball on establishing a referendum on the island about this. It is long overdue, and I know it causes anguish among many activists and Chamoru leaders on the island. I am all for this vote, whether I am allowed to vote or not, freedom must be heard.

Bottle Or Tap?

No surprise here: Bottled water is taxing the world’s ecosystem. The demand for bottled water is filling waste dumps and landfills around the world with little plastic bottles. The amount of crude oil used each year to create these bottles for the US market alone would power 100,000 automobiles for a year. And in many areas the burgeoning growth of this industry has lead to water shortages as bottling facilities consume all the ground water supply.

It is especially ironic that water is marketed as a healthy alternative to sodas and sugary drinks yet common tap water is subject to more stringent regulations and testing. Anybody else remember the ruckus about Dasani in Great Britain containing dangerous levels of cancer causing bromate?