AAAHHH!!!AAAHHH!!! Watch out Guam!

Well it looks like I’m going to be on the radio tonight, talking about the Guam, the environment and my website. Josie asked me if I was interested a couple weeks ago and I agreed. Josie and I will be on the Where We Live radio show with Dave Lotz (of Boonie Stomp fame) from seven until eight tonight.

I’m looking forward to it, and the opportunity to take my propaganda to a new medium. Everybody knows you take over the radio stations first in any coup attempt. It’s one more step in my path to global conquest.

Be sure to listen in, either on the radio or via streaming webcast from K57.

5 thoughts on “AAAHHH!!!

  1. Jess


    I LOVE Eurotrip! That funny little animated graphic just made my day :)Thanks!

    And…GOOD LUCK tonight! You and Josie will be absolutely fabulous!

  2. Anonymous

    didn’t you say a while back that only idiots listen to talk radio?

    especially k 57?

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