New World Order

Monday evening I went into town and caught Terrence Malick’s latest movie, The New World. My anticipation level was high, I’ve been waiting for this film for several months now, and I doubted it would ever make it to our little corner of the planet. But it arrived last Friday, and I duly marched off to the theater on Monday’s holiday for a viewing.

So how did I like it? Well, it’s all Malick; long shots, voice overs, little plot. Don’t go expecting action or much dialogue. The New World is a tone poem on America’s past, a moment lost in time, a moment when the future hung in the balance for good or ill. There is a sense of wonder in the English settlers, a sense of being set loose upon an Eden. And yet they promptly set about recreating their Old World in the new one. In a word; the film is elegiac.

This movie is a visual experience, and it’s best to just let the images wash over you. I’ll probably go watch it a second time later this week, mainly because I was so darn cold in the theater I was actually shivering. I’ll be sure to wear a sweater and long pants next time so I won’t have to escape outside to warm myself.