One Bright Idea

A bright ideaKenny Luna, an eighth grade teacher on Long Island, has come up with a very bright idea. He wants to get compact fluorescent light bulbs into the hands of every child in America to help reduce energy consumption. According to his predictions if all 50 million kids across the country install their light bulbs over $2.3 billion could be saved in energy costs. He’s trying to get Oprah to popularize his idea, and he wants everybody to help.

I switched pretty much all my light bulbs over to compact fluorescents several years ago and I’ve had no problems with them. Not a single bulb has burned out in five years, though one did break spectacularly in a drunken brawl a few years ago. But its replacement is still going strong. As the last few incandescent bulbs burn out I will replace them with more fluorescents. Sure they cost a little more than regular bulbs, but they never seem to wear out. And Kenny Luna figures each compact fluorescent bulb saves $46 in energy costs over a regular incandescent. Seems like a bright idea to me too.