Pacific Visions

So I was a little dismayed to find this story about cargo cults on the Smithsonian Magazine’s website. I think it is a little depressing in the 21st century for a major magazine devoted to science, education and the arts to fall back on the hoary chestnuts of simple, backward islanders waiting for the Americans to return in makeshift uniforms. The tone of the article is shockingly paternalistic, and though it does get better in the final third of the story, it still tosses out plenty of nuggets that were stale on Gilligan’s Island forty years ago.

On a brighter note, I revisited the excellent Pacific Worlds website on Monday, looking for some information on Inarajan and Talofofo Falls. It’s a wonderful site, check it out.

Oh yeah, the radio thing went off without a hitch. Josie’s got the whole thing covered over at Latitude 13. Thanks Dave, Javon and Josie; I enjoyed it last night.