Now That’s A Cave

Wow! This humongous cave in South America makes Pagat Cave look downright silly. It was just discovered in the remote interior of Venezuela and is called Cueva del Fantasma, or the cave of the ghost.

View from inside Cueva del Fantasma, Aprada tepui, Venezuela
Take a good look at that picture. Look at the cave floor. Those two little things beside the pool are helicopters. They flew two helicopters into this cave.

1 thought on “Now That’s A Cave

  1. Gia-Gina

    I went to Pagat when I was back and loved it. My sister took on on a really great hike. Then when she wanted to do it again the following year and could not find it. She should have taken a machete with her. So tell me how is Guam? I’ve been gone a long time.

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