Daily Archives: 02/27/2006

Yurts Away

My chakra needs realigning; I think this place does the full 14 point chakra alignment and balancing.

Naw, this resort actually sounds pretty damn cool. I wouldn’t mind checking it out – check out the view they have from those yurts!


Hard to believe it’s Mardi Gras already. Spoke to my parents yesterday and they were talking about how St. Louis is hoping for a big Mardi Gras crowd this year because of the inundation of New Orleans. Whatever. I’m sure the drunks will be out in force tomorrow night.

In related Carnival news, thieves took off with a collection of artworks by Monet, Picasso, Dali and Matisse from a museum in Rio last Friday. They were able to escape amongst the throngs of revelers partying in the streets of the city. Been a week of daring heists actually. Must be something in the February air.

More On The Philippines

Sounds like Arroyo is clamping down in the Philippines. She’s been busy shutting down opposition newspapers and rounding up the insubordinate generals. It’s a sticky situation, crushing this coup attempt, declaring a state of emergency, suspending civil rights, making widespread arrests and suppressing dissent to remain in power. It makes me very uneasy about the future of democracy in the Philippines.

Bouncing around looking for Philippines stories, I came across another type of story about the Philippines. It’s a story that is all too familiar, and one that has a special resonance to me. It’s about the young people caught up in the sex trade in Angeles City. Let’s just say this right up some people’s alley for a certain demographic here on Guam. Give it a read.