No Fear, Still Here

For all three of you that are regular readers, my apologies for my absence this week. Things are a little hairy at work, leading to some late nights coding, and all my free time has been devoted to other activities.

Specifically, I rented Oliver Twist and Pride & Prejudice this week from Blockbuster, two movies I wanted to see last year that never played on Guam. So I snatched them up immediately and watched them on back to back nights, Monday and Tuesday. Polanski’s Oliver Twist was a good, enjoyable adaptation, but Pride & Prejudice was absolutely luminous. Most enjoyable DVD I have seen in a long time. Once it was over, I just had to go straight to the source and enjoy more time with Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy. So I sat down and read Jane Austen for two nights straight. It’s been years since I read Pride & Prejudice, and it was supremely enjoyable. Then I picked up Oliver Twist and started reading about his life and times. I’m about halfway right through Dickens right now and enjoying it immensely as well. So sorry, there won’t be much more posting here until I’ve knocked off that novel.