The Burning Season

Mountains ablaze
March has come around once again, and the fires are upon us. Fire raged along Cross Island Road yesterday afternoon, reaching into the mountains above Santa Rita last night. Over 2,800 acres burned on Sunday before firefighters brought the blaze under control.

The dry season brings brushfires every year, and while it seems a little late this year, the burning season has arrived. I went atop Mt. Lam Lam a couple weekends ago, and a large brushfire was burning along the slopes below the summit that day. The last appreciable rainfall fell on February 4th, and the swordgrass is drying out.

The rains will not return for several more months, so expect a lot more fires through March and April. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as some years. I remember 1998 was particularly bad. Seemed like the whole island was on fire that year.

2 thoughts on “The Burning Season

  1. Jimbo

    Mr. Dudeman – first time I’ve been able to download your entire site for weeks. It has been getting halfway and hanging up but all better now.

    Did you take that picture? If that’s on Cross Island Road I think I recognize that place…

  2. Thomas

    It was a PDN picture I snagged. So yeah, it was on Cross Island Road.

    Sounds like you need to call Al Gore and tell him to fix your internet.

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