Ring A Ding Ding

This is a shocker for the island’s telecommunications industry: Guamcell and HafaTel, the island’s largest cellular provider and the island’s GSM cellular provider, were both bought by Japanese behemoth NTT DoCoMo in a $72 million deal.

Wow. DoCoMo is just huge, a leviathan in the mobile phone business. This radically changes the landscape for cellular phones on Guam.

4 thoughts on “Ring A Ding Ding

  1. Santos

    i was just thinking that it’s probably a bargain, as far as NTT/DoCoMo is concerned; i don’t think they are doing well with a majority of their US investments, so this might be the perfect stepping stone for them to rebuild their US portfolio, and possibly create an ‘in’ with the FCC should they ever decide to move into the digital television/broadcast business.

    i’m excited to see how well they can apply the technology here. 50 million subscribers can’t be wrong!

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