Cyclone Larry

I saw on the news yesterday that northern Queensland got hammered by a humongous tropical cyclone, Cyclone Larry. Winds over 180 mph lashed the coast south of Cairns, completely obliterating the town of Innisfail. The AP is reporting thousands left homeless, though thankfully no fatalities were reported. I know how much it sucks to be in the path of a Cat 5 storm, and the long weeks afterwards of clean up and hardship.

3 thoughts on “Cyclone Larry

  1. Lara

    Oh, I love, love, LOVE Innisfail!
    So sorry to hear they were in the path of the storm. I have fond memories of downing some of the best fish n’ chips in Oz with my kids and my DH at a little place in Innisfail. We made 5 trips to AU in a 3 yr period and always made time to drive out of Cairns and head towards the smaller coastal towns. Also love the waterfall circuit drive. Hope that the beautiful rainforest isn’t too Napalmed by the wind gusts.

    I was on Guam for Pongsona and Chataan, among others. I miss my island home (but not the supertyphoons, the power outages or the humongous power bills from GPA!):p

    Love your blog…I keep reading back posts, especially from around the time my son was born at Sagua Managu. I keep a photo of my fave beach on my desktop…Taga’Chang in Yona. It was so close to my house in Chalan Pago, used to go there all the time. Such a lovely beach, but it always needed cleaning up. Anyone ever remember seeing a Haole chick with a fistfull of trash bags and a gaggle of local kids on the beach? That was me! Every Sunday we tried to do a clean up. Adopt a beach…the Taotaomona and the island will thank you for it. Guam is a beautiful place, try to keep it that way.

    If I were still on-island I’d be on the next Continental flight to Cairns to help with Cyclone clean-up. Hope the governor offers to send people to help with recovery. In the meantime I’ll say a little prayer that the good folks of QLD recover quickly.

    Si yu’us masse…Thanks for keeping Guammies on the Mainland up to speed with island life. Or should I say- reminding us to slow it down a bit? For me, Guam is the geographic center of the traveling universe… And will always be home…
    Hafa Adai!

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