Standby Power Sucks

I know this is a growing problem; all these electronic gizmos littering our modern domestic landscape suck tremendous amounts of energy – even when they are not on. Televisions, stereos, VCR’s, DVD players, microwaves, all this stuff is never really off. They all just sit there, quietly sucking electricity during the 99% of the time they are not actually in use. Sure it’s just a trickle compared to when they are actually working, but magnify that trickle across the entire nation and it is an immense amount electricity – equivalent to the output of 18 typical power plants. The Economist has a good article about this problem: Pulling the plug on standby power. I’m as guilty as the next guy. When I turn off the light and night, my living room is aglow from all the LED’s signaling the electronic vigilance of my appliances.