Godless Heathens

Just a set of links on atheism and religion, the merry-go-round:

  • Religious Belief Itself Is An Adaptation – An interview with Edward O. Wilson on biology and religion.
  • Defenders Of The Faith – A reprinted NY Times editorial about how the ones most likely to defend religious freedom are atheists.
  • Atheists Are America’s Most Distrusted Minority – Along the same lines, people distrust atheists more than any other minority in this country. Somehow I feel this and the editorial are related, probably through the ideas mentioned in the first link (how we are wired for belief in tribal religions to form cohesive groups – us vs. them)
  • The Good Old Days – What was America like in the late 19th century, the high water mark of Christianity in the States?
  • Anatomy Of A Lynching – A crowd in Thailand beat a Buddhist monk to death when he took a hammer to a sacred statue of a Hindu god, proving it’s not just a Christian or Muslim thing, even Buddhists get caught up in religious frenzy.