Daily Archives: 04/06/2006

Smoggy Days On Guam

I was wondering about the hazy skies lingering over the island the last few days. I thought maybe the volcano on Anatahan was acting up again, but it turns out the haze is just pollution blown in from China. The trade winds petered out a couple days ago, and this smog settled in around the Marianas. I’m hoping for clear skies this weekend, though this haze does make for some lurid sunsets.

The New Bestseller Bookstore

I ate lunch at Tony Roma’s in the Agana Shopping Center today and I got a chance to see the new Bestseller bookstore that opened last weekend in the mall.

The Bestseller Newstand
Now you’d think a place with the sobriquet of “The Newstand” would actually sell a newspaper, especially since it is an establishment that offers nothing but printed material. But alas, the girl stocking shelves told me to try the supermarket at the other end of the shopping center.