Daily Archives: 04/07/2006

He KNEW He LIED (Again)

Of course he knew, of course he okayed the smear campaign.

But will anything come of this? Not for the apathetic American populace. He’s been caught in a bald faced lie before and nobody seemed to give a damn. Why should this be any different?

A Climate Of Hope, Or Global Warming Goes Big Time

Looks like things are hitting a critical mass with the perception of global warming in the general public. Was it Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth? Or was it the rampant success of hybrid automobiles like the Prius that made climate change suddenly hip? Whatever the reason, seems like the media and people are finally acknowledging the elephant in the room. Even Time Magazine joined the growing chorus of alarm last week, running a very good issue on the problem of global warming. Of course, some people still refuse to admit our activities are altering the planet but their objections are sounding shriller and more irrelevant everyday. but more and more people seem to be getting the message and embarking on a positive mission to heal the damage. It will be a great challenge, the test of future generations, a trial for humanity. In his Salon article, Kevin Sweeney compares the crisis looming before humanity like a diagnosis of cancer. Grim news certainly, but a survivable condition that offers a chance to focus our purpose and reexamine our values. I hope we survive it. This is the only planet we’ve got, I’d hate to lose it.