Daily Archives: 04/11/2006

The Boy In The Bubble

I remember David Vetter. He was an object of fascination in my childhood. A boy just a couple years my junior; he lived his entire life inside a sterile plastic bubble.

I never knew what exactly was wrong with him, or his eventual fate. It is peculiar how a tragic life can be reduced to a line in a Paul Simon song, or a gag on an episode of Seinfeld.

Cherry Blossom

My good friend Kirino, who is living in Tokyo now, sent me a couple nice pictures of the cherry blossoms in Japan that he took on Sunday.

Sakura Closeup
I have to say his camera phone beats the hell out of mine. Look how crisp those pictures are compared to that fuzzy shot I took with my Sanyo last week at the Bestseller Newsstand store. Maybe that DoCoMo buyout of Guamcell will bring some of this cutting edge keitai culture to our island.