Daily Archives: 04/16/2006


We need rain.

Everything is crispy around Guam. Fires bust out every day the ground is hard as a rock. The island is drying out and vegetation is turning brown under the pitiless glare of the tropical sun. Hard to believe we average 100 inches of rain a year. It just doesn’t fall during the dry season. The swordgrass is brown, trees look desiccated, even the dirt is completely without moisture. We need rain, a good long drenching to soak into the soil.

Of course it is not all bad. The bright, cloudless days are perfect for getting outside and enjoying the island’s natural resources. I’ve been hiking, biking, swimming and generally enjoying the sunny days every weekend. And the cloudless skies and steady breezes make for cool nights.


I busted out my hiking boots this week to give them a nice rubdown with the old mink oil to keep them supple, and I got a nasty surprise. I bought these boots in December of 2001, a little over four years ago. I’ve worn them on a couple trips stateside and my two trips to New Zealand. Not exactly heavy use, and no real backcountry hiking or camping was involved. Yet these Merrell Grand Traverse boots are falling apart. They are falling apart exactly like the Nikes that I so loathe; the outer sole is delaminating from the last and the upper. Damn, I plunked down some serious ducat for these boots and I am extremely disappointed in Merrell. I expected these boots to last me a decade or more and the damn things are crumbling away in their box. I am going to call their support number this week and talk to somebody, though I doubt it will have any effect. The warranty is only 1 year; they’ll probably tell me to suck it up and buy another pair so it can fall apart in my closet too. Just another company that cares about sales over quality or customer satisfaction.

A little more troubling is my iBook. For the last month it was dog slow; dog slow. Like 45 minutes to boot up slow, interminable spinning beach ball of death slow. Last weekend it finally crapped out, but mercifully I pulled most of what I needed off onto an external FireWire drive. Looks like the internal hard drive is kaput. Another Apple product failing on me, after the iPod a couple months ago. And both are just out of warranty too. Guess I’ll be dropping some money with Apple service and support, so never mind getting that Bigha as a reward. I’m still debating whether I should go with Apple support or just dive in and replace the hard drives myself. At least these things are repairable, unlike the crumbling, shoddy boots I bought from Merrell.

Goal Seeking

I really want one of these. But it is ridiculously expensive. But I still want one. I doubt I could ride this thing of Guam though, I’d get run down in the streets. Guess I’ll just continue to pedal around on my Cannondale.

I’ll let y’all in on a little secret; when I first started this diet (yes, I am still dieting folks) I held out a Bigha as my carrot/incentive to drop the pounds. Well, I’m getting closer and closer to that goal. Guess I ought to look into it at least.

A Cello Journey

While I don’t watch usually watch video podcasts, I stumbled upon Cello Journey a few days ago. It is wonderfully simple; a guy sits in his basement with a video camera and plays his cello. If you like cello music, you’ll like this.