Carabao On Parade?

Guam is borrowing an idea from Chicago and will begin placing decorated carabao statues all over starting next month. Chicago had their Cows on Parade a few years ago, and this seems to be a local variation featuring water buffalo. The gist of the story is that most of them will be located at the GPO shopping mall as part of a marketing campaign I guess. Still, sticking water buffalo around the island’s public places is a good idea and I hope it prospers and thrives. And GPO is certainly a very public place. I eat lunch there several times a week and it is always hopping.

Photo © Masako Watanabe/Pacific Daily News
The carabao are the idea of Jennifer Ada, who is opening an art gallery next month in the Ada Arcade Building. She is starting off with 28 statues which will be decorated by local artists and delivered to Monte Mesa, general manager of GPO. Good luck to them both, the island could use a little spicing up.