Daily Archives: 04/21/2006

Earth Week: Gas Prices Rise Again

Guam EPA Earth Week 2006 - Logo from CJ Santiago of GW High School

Less than a week after hitting $2.99 a gallon, regular unleaded went up to $3.06 a gallon yesterday on island.

And it looks like gas won’t be going back down ever again. China is sucking up all the oil on the planet and creating high demand. And there’s no arguing with 2 billion people.

Guess it really is time to start riding the bus. I paced one home last night, the Green Line goes right by my house after it leaves the Chamorro Village. The only question is when? I can’t seem to find a bus schedule, and I know the dang things shift every month as different bus companies take over the routes.

Maybe I should start biking again. The bike needs some maintenance work, but structurally the Cannondale is fine. I could start biking next week, but I’d need a place to shower and clean up when I arrive at the office. I used to use the shower at the clinic, but now my office is a couple miles further down the road.

Hey, what about carpooling? Heck, I did it all through grade school and high school, no reason I couldn’t start again. Anybody want to carpool from Yoña everyday? Hmm, this is going to take some thinking to puzzle out. All I know is I got to cut my gasoline usage. It’s not just about reducing my carbon footprint, I am looking for more affordable alternatives to driving my car.

And Hello Over Here

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