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It’s Good For Glaucoma…

Legalize  ItOh man, I totally saw this chick standing on the street corner at ITC on Thursday. I was going to mention it earlier, but I totally spaced it. I was driving along and I saw them standing there with placards. Another political campaign function at the island’s busiest intersection I thought. Not quite. It was a few kids out advocating drug reform.

Yeah, Thursday was Hitler’s birthday, which for some reason is a big excuse to smoke pot now. The Wired article lays it all out. (I especially like the bit about how Deadheads were the first folks out there on the internet – ain’t that the truth. Say hello to the Whole Earth ‘Lectronic Link folks…)

No, I didn’t grab that picture, it all happened too quickly for me to pull out my camera. That shot comes from the blog of the estimable DZer. I couldn’t help but laugh thinking about those dudes out there and that they were probably baked right at that moment.

Of course it was a shame that the FDA harshed their mellow the very same day and said marijuana has absolutely no medical use. Sounds like propaganda to me man, especially coming from the uptight Republican administration with a history of twisting science for political gain.

Poached Fish

As in, I poached this story from Jimbo. Sorry buddy, this is just a great story that I need to jump on as well.

Sarpa salpaHere’s a fish to look out for, all you hippies; Sarpa salpa, a reef fish found in the Mediterranean ocean, caused two tourists to slip into intense psychedelic hallucinations, a condition known as ichthyoallyeinotoxism. The two men started freaking out minutes after eating the fish. Seems rabbitfish are known to cause hallucinogenic effects in the Indo-Pacific, and eating the heads and certain body parts of these herbivorous can induce massive hallucinations within minutes.

Indoles, a chemical similar to LSD, is the suspected culprit of the bad trips. It is produced in algae and phytoplankton. Sarpa salpa, like other rabbitfish, is an algae eater.

The effects of eating ichthyoallyeinotoxic fishes, such as certain mullet, goatfish, tangs, damsels and rabbitfish, are believed to be similar to LSD, and may include vivid and terrifying auditory and visual hallucinations. This has given rise to the collective common name for ichthyoallyeinotoxic fishes of “dream fish”.

Man, I gotta eat more manahak.

Busy As A Beaver

It’s been an industrious little weekend. Not only did I make the switch over here to WordPress, I went ahead and installed several other web sites to play with. I won’t link to anything yet, but they look pretty cool. I’m playing around with:

  1. Gallery – A cool photo gallery package. This is very cool, and will probably be the first to come off wraps. There are plug-ins to WordPress written for Gallery, so I could start slapping pictures up here that are linked into a central repository of photos. And I have a ton of photos sitting in iPhoto right now.
  2. MediaWiki – Yes, I just started a wiki! I’ve been using VoodooPad, and it is certainly cool, but I need a place to store stuff between work, home and on the road. I probably won’t share this with folks.
  3. PunBB – Because forums are kinda cool, and PunBB is agreeably small scale compared to many of the other options. Of course I don’t have the kind of traffic or comments to drive a forum, but maybe all those K-57 trolls could come over here and play.
  4. Drupal – It’s good all the bells and whistles of a full fledged content management system, but there ain’t much hand holding involved. If I can master this, I’ll have serious mojo.
  5. Expression Engine – I came close to picking this instead of WordPress, and I still might do something with this. Expression Engine looks cool, and feels great. It was just quicker and easier to go with WordPress.
  6. Textpattern – Again, a close contender I want to play around with some more. I am intrigued with the sites I see that are driven by TextPattern, but I really need to monkey around with this to go beyond the plain vanilla it ships with.
  7. Pivot – Just for the heck of it, why not try out another blogging package. It’s interesting because unlike all the other packages I’ve mentioned here, it doesn’t require a separate database to store all the site content. (They seem to have some sort of blacklisting package on their server, so you might get blocked if your IP’s are suspect.)

So basically I am a fat and happy geek this weekend, with days of fun ahead of me.

Trouble In Honiara

The Solomon Islands erupted into violence this week, as elections on Tuesday sparked protests that quickly turned violent. In a secret ballot of delegates, Snyder Ridi was named prime minister in Honiara. Ridi was the deputy prime minister in the previous administration, one that was tainted with corruption and scandal.

This did not go over well with the general populace in the capitol, and rioting ensued. The violence targeted the Chinese residents of Honiara as simmering ethnic tensions boiled over. Reports indicated 90% of the Chinatown was left in ruins.

Australia and New Zealand sent troops to the Solomons in a move to restore order. Once again, I’m wondering about the shadows of colonialism in the Pacific. Australia’s foreign minister arrived in Honiara yesterday to quell the unrest.

Earth Week: Still More On Alternative Energy

Guam EPA Earth Week 2006 - Logo from CJ Santiago of GW High School

General Electric Buys Into Wave Power.

Yep, GE. They made an small $2.6 million investment in Ocean Power Delivery, developers of the Pelamis Wave Energy Converter. This nifty gizmo is currently being installed off the shore of Portugal, where it will deliver 750 kilowatts of electricity, the first of three planned for a 2.25 megawatt facility.

Maybe it’s time Guam looked into this technology again. It looks like this is actually a viable option for power generation, and Guam certainly has enough wave action. I’ve been thinking Guam should invest in wind power, but this is also an attractive option.

Bunkers And The World Below

bunkerInteresting little bit on all the underground facilities built to withstand a nuclear holocaust. On yesterday’s boonie stomp we got to talking about the earth station communications facility that overlooks Tanguisson. Apparently the building next to the satellite dish was designed by the Navy to withstand a nuclear attack and has a subterranean complex five stories deep beneath it. I never knew that existed.

I’m certain there are other bunkers secreted around the island, especially up in the hills of Naval Magazine. Other places suggest themselves too, like Andersen, NCTAMS, and Big Navy. Basically all the military installations that are relics of the Cold War.

And of course the Japanese dug themselves in deep during the war, and I know there are still all sorts of fortifications, pillboxes and caches dug out in remote corners of the island.