Bunkers And The World Below

bunkerInteresting little bit on all the underground facilities built to withstand a nuclear holocaust. On yesterday’s boonie stomp we got to talking about the earth station communications facility that overlooks Tanguisson. Apparently the building next to the satellite dish was designed by the Navy to withstand a nuclear attack and has a subterranean complex five stories deep beneath it. I never knew that existed.

I’m certain there are other bunkers secreted around the island, especially up in the hills of Naval Magazine. Other places suggest themselves too, like Andersen, NCTAMS, and Big Navy. Basically all the military installations that are relics of the Cold War.

And of course the Japanese dug themselves in deep during the war, and I know there are still all sorts of fortifications, pillboxes and caches dug out in remote corners of the island.

2 thoughts on “Bunkers And The World Below

  1. Merm

    By the way, I know you’ve been around here for four years. And it makes me wonder whether that author of that book, “Just Left of the Setting Sun” got the idea for his title from you. Speaking of which, have you read it? I saw it featured in one of the local magazines and thought maybe I ought to pick it up. But the local book store at GPO was sold out. Wonder how it really is. Figured you might have been curious.

  2. Thomas

    I don’t know. I am completely in the dark about this book. Is this a local Guam book?

    Oh, this book

    Yeah, that makes me wonder too. Still I haven’t read it, don’t know anything about it.

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