Poached Fish

As in, I poached this story from Jimbo. Sorry buddy, this is just a great story that I need to jump on as well.

Sarpa salpaHere’s a fish to look out for, all you hippies; Sarpa salpa, a reef fish found in the Mediterranean ocean, caused two tourists to slip into intense psychedelic hallucinations, a condition known as ichthyoallyeinotoxism. The two men started freaking out minutes after eating the fish. Seems rabbitfish are known to cause hallucinogenic effects in the Indo-Pacific, and eating the heads and certain body parts of these herbivorous can induce massive hallucinations within minutes.

Indoles, a chemical similar to LSD, is the suspected culprit of the bad trips. It is produced in algae and phytoplankton. Sarpa salpa, like other rabbitfish, is an algae eater.

The effects of eating ichthyoallyeinotoxic fishes, such as certain mullet, goatfish, tangs, damsels and rabbitfish, are believed to be similar to LSD, and may include vivid and terrifying auditory and visual hallucinations. This has given rise to the collective common name for ichthyoallyeinotoxic fishes of “dream fish”.

Man, I gotta eat more manahak.