Trouble In Honiara

The Solomon Islands erupted into violence this week, as elections on Tuesday sparked protests that quickly turned violent. In a secret ballot of delegates, Snyder Ridi was named prime minister in Honiara. Ridi was the deputy prime minister in the previous administration, one that was tainted with corruption and scandal.

This did not go over well with the general populace in the capitol, and rioting ensued. The violence targeted the Chinese residents of Honiara as simmering ethnic tensions boiled over. Reports indicated 90% of the Chinatown was left in ruins.

Australia and New Zealand sent troops to the Solomons in a move to restore order. Once again, I’m wondering about the shadows of colonialism in the Pacific. Australia’s foreign minister arrived in Honiara yesterday to quell the unrest.

2 thoughts on “Trouble In Honiara

  1. malu telematua

    this is very cruel luckliy New Zealand were there to help to . i hope the honiara residents are in a safe environment now . Thankyou New Zealand for helping :).

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