Daily Archives: 05/06/2006


Time to clear off the browser tabs with a slurry of random links. Ready?

Rain Rain Came Today

It was a stormy night, the clouds gathered over Guam and the rains fell. No observations of Jupiter nor any other object in the sky last night. Maybe tonight it will clear, but I doubt it.

That’s okay though, I got other diversions. Shiny diversions. I broke down a couple weeks ago and ordered Firefly the complete series. I’d seen some episodes before, but I missed about a third of the show when it aired last fall on SciFi. But now I own four dvd’s of geeky delight. I’ve spent every night this week watching one or two episodes, trying to draw out the pleasure as long as possible. It’s a damn shame the series was cut down so soon. At least it rose from the ashes to become Serenity, as fine a denouement as any for the aborted show.

So bring on the rain; we certainly need it and I got plenty of television to watch.