Rain Rain Came Today

It was a stormy night, the clouds gathered over Guam and the rains fell. No observations of Jupiter nor any other object in the sky last night. Maybe tonight it will clear, but I doubt it.

That’s okay though, I got other diversions. Shiny diversions. I broke down a couple weeks ago and ordered Firefly the complete series. I’d seen some episodes before, but I missed about a third of the show when it aired last fall on SciFi. But now I own four dvd’s of geeky delight. I’ve spent every night this week watching one or two episodes, trying to draw out the pleasure as long as possible. It’s a damn shame the series was cut down so soon. At least it rose from the ashes to become Serenity, as fine a denouement as any for the aborted show.

So bring on the rain; we certainly need it and I got plenty of television to watch.

2 thoughts on “Rain Rain Came Today

  1. Sazia

    I agree with you. I’m a book-a-week worm. My latest, “The Historian”, is double the size of the norm. The rain is just another good reason to stay in and complete it. May you savor your Firefly episodes. Hopefully they will last longer than the Queen T-Shirt that drove away. If my crush gets killed as quick as that, I’ll have to create my own blog called “Crush” . And I’ll tell every episode starting with the lost bottle, the three rocks, of course my favorite slipn’ & slidn’, and the killing of 6 days in order to feed it with yet another slight gesture of intention.

  2. Sazia

    No rain, but a brilliant perfect circle surrounding the moon last night. Still not even halfway on the book, but at least it is now only five days before I hopefully spend time with one that makes me smile again.

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