2 thoughts on “Macabre

  1. Sazia

    Ghastly? Dumping a box of a body in the ground and piling dirt on it isn’t?
    Hmm..I wonder, if this is a hoax. I buried my sister a few years ago, following the request of cremation, but what a dull ache it was/is to know she’s in a mausoleum in a place she never had visited and I don’t get back to often. The beauty of the gem lasting forever, whether I chose to wear it or not, is more comforting than the urn in a cement wall. Memories are the only beauty most see in death unless it is an end to suffering. A unique gem actually could represent a colorful life. However, just as I wondered then, are these ashes really her, I’d probably wonder the same about the gem. Yes, your blog is a scientific commentary, just adding an emotional perspective.

  2. Thomas Strohmeyer

    I agree that funerary customs vary widely, and one culture’s loving tribute can be grotesque and macabre for another. But in our Western civilization, turning Grandma into a 1 carat diamond is rather unusual.

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