Lost Hikers Find Lost Hiker’s Last Campground

Two day hikers lost in the San Jacinto Wilderness near Palm Springs last weekend stumbled upon the last campsite of a thru-hiker reported lost in 2005. The two men stumbled upon the backpack and gear of a 60 year old hiker who disappeared in May 2005 upon the Pacific Crest Trail. They credit his abandoned gear with saving their life.

3 thoughts on “Lost Hikers Find Lost Hiker’s Last Campground

  1. Josie

    Not sure that’s the kind of news I should be reading, seeing as I’m hiking down to Inarajan Falls tomorrow. :/

  2. Thomas

    The Washington Post has a good piece up about this lost hiker and how his abandoned campground saved two lost day hikers. Funny to think how they did something that he, an experienced hiker and nature lover, did not do. They used his matches to light an enormous brush fire that alerted search parties.

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